The Suunto Vyper Air Dive Computer is a fantastic piece of equipment for scuba divers as well as for diving aficionados. It comes in the form of a wrist dive computer, combining style and functionality into one slick package. Data viewing is clear, with all the essential information available on one screen, making it simple and user-friendly. Anyone looking for a high quality, easy-to-use diving apparatus should read on and contemplate on this particular dive computer review.

The first thing that is easy to see about the Vyper Air is its stylishly good looks. Most users will be pleased to note how fashionable it seems compared to the typical models in the market. It is also amazingly lightweight, with a sleek physique that makes it physically more attractive-looking compared to the others.

As well as being stylish and sleek, the Vyper Air is also a breeze to use. Within a few minutes of tinkering with this gadget, most users can get a handle on most, if not all, of its functions. The wireless integration and transmitter is very easy to set up. Upon diving, it undergoes a pairing procedure to prevent signals from other transmitters and dive computers from clashing with it. The display is also very easy to read, which makes it great for various underwater dive conditions. In addition, it has a feature that allows users to simulate dives before they are really in the water, which helps divers prepare in advance and make the actual descent relatively worry-free.

Compared to the last Vyper version, this latest Suunto creation comes in with several additions. Aside from monitoring oxygen measurements and dive statistics, the Suunto Vyper Air has one other amazing feature: a 3D compass. This means that users can tilt their wrists up to 45 degrees without losing any visibility. This comes in very handy in certain dive situations. Users can also download their diving logs into a PC, which makes the viewing and transfer of dive data faster and easier.

Despite the variety of dive computers that are currently available in the market, quality should take precedence over cost when deciding to buy these gadgets. The Vyper Air is the perfect tool for the diver who wishes to acquire a high quality dive computer, even if it costs a little more than the others. Although there are other inexpensive versions being offered nowadays, spending a few more bucks cannot hurt that much if it means getting the best out of it. Divers who are looking for a stylish, highly functional dive apparatus with loads of advanced features would not be settling for less when choosing the Suunto Vyper Air.


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